The Lehigh Valley has a world-class global workforce.

A private-sector led, integrated, regional workforce system of economic and workforce development, education, employers and community partners working in collaboration with data experts such as the PA Center for Workforce Information and Analysis and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission to ensure the Lehigh Valley workforce system has strategically positioned services for a
universal population with a focus on those most in need to ensure Lehigh Valley has an educated and skilled workforce that meets business and industry’s global labor demands.
The goals are as follows:

Goal #1:  Develop Career Pathways and build Registered Apprenticeship opportunities with Lehigh Valley employers.

Goal #2: Convene Next Generation Industry Partnerships in Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.   

Goal #3: Lehigh Valley has a holistic system of services, and work-based learning opportunities
for Youth.

Goal #4: Ensure all Federal and State funding allocation and grants support Lehigh Valley’s Model in the delivery of workforce services and mitigating barriers to training in growing and emerging industries for all job seekers with an emphasis on workers impacted by post-pandemic job loss.

Goal #5: Improve Lehigh Valley’s One-Stop Workforce Delivery System for job seekers and employers.

Goal #6: Increase technology and technology training as a necessary tool for training, education and employment within Lehigh Valley’s Workforce System for eligible customers.

Goal #7: Ensure Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within Lehigh Valley’s Workforce System.

Goal #8: A New and Future Professions Partnership will lead regional workforce development efforts to develop Fourth Industrial Revolution/Industry 4.0 jobs. 

Goal #9: Throughout PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley’s workforce system, expand support services as families face the financial burdens brought on by COVID-19.

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