The Executive Committee recommends priorities, goals, objective, projects and strategies to address the long-term strategic workforce development needs of the community.  The committee can delegate, subject to ratification by the LVWIB, responsibilities that are annually approved by the LVWIB to standing and special committees.  The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the full LVWIB as needed, subject to the ratification of such actions at the next regularly scheduled LVWIB meeting.  To negotiate with the Commonwealth of PA local performance measures, monitor performance outcomes, and ensure accountability and transparency of the workforce system.





Patricia Hartwell, Chair
Director, Corporate Human Resources
B. Braun Medical, Inc.

John MacDonaldChair of Finance Committee
Allied Personnel Services

Larry Wiersch, Chair of Industry Committee
Cetronia Ambulance Corps

David Olson, Chair of Marketing Committee
Walton Consulting

Vito Gallo, Chair of Public Policy Committee
Assistant Vice President for State Relations
Lehigh University 

Jane George, Co-Chair of Public Policy Committee
Assistant VP for Government Relations and Capital Development
St. Luke's University Health Network

Ellen Kingsley, Esq., Chair of Youth Council
Solo Practitioner
Law Office of Ellen S. Kingsley

Luke Cunningham, Co-Chair, Workforce Solutions
Westside Hammer Electric